Here at the Wandering Paisa we are known for our popular and fun-filled weekly events! Here is the schedule and details of our events:

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Salsa Lessons (Tuesdays, 9:00pm-10pm)


Our Tuesday salsa classes are absolutely free and one of the best things to do in Medellin. We have guests from other hostels and even locals that come by for our free weekly salsa lessons. Our salsa teacher is a Medellin local and has been dancing salsa professionally for a long time. Classes are filled with beginners, so don’t be afraid if this is your first time. After the class, the group usually goes to el Eslabon Prendido, one of the most famous salsa bars in town to practice our newly learned dance moves. If you are in Colombia, you learn must salsa!


Language Exchange (Thursdays 8pm-11pm)

The Wandering Paisa language exchange is widely known as the thing to do in Medellin on Thursday nights. It’s a relaxed environment where you can practice any language and make new friends. Local language institutes, such as Blendex or Colombo Americano, bring their students to practice Inglés, French, German, Italian, etc. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to get to know the local Paisas and for them to get to know about you and your culture. Thursday is the beginning of the weekend for many locals, so it’s not unusual for the house to get packed.

Karaoke Night (Fridays, twice a month, 9pm-1am)


We do Karaoke every other Saturday night. This is the MOST popular event we host at the hostel. We have a big projector, two microphones, speakers, and a computer with an almost endless amount of karaoke songs. Many locals as well as foreigners from other hostels come to sing, drink and mingle. If you’re shy or you think you do not have the voice to sing, don’t worry, get a couple of beers or specialty cocktails in you and you’ll be singing in no time!


Open Mic Night (Select Saturdays, 9pm to 11:45 pm)


We started Open Mic Night in April 2012 and it has since been a big success. We have some spectacular acts. From spoken word poetry to acapella singing, no matter what your talent is, you can put it on display. We have a large open area towards the back of the hostel, we clear it out and set-up all of the sound equipment, with microphones and a couple guitars. We are very proud of this event because we are pretty much the only Open Mic Night in Medellin at the moment. So come show us your talent!